Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Britian: We like Muslims. Honestly, We Do
Britain is a good place to be Muslim

Here is an article that I came across, that extols the benefits of being a Muslim in Britain. Although, I am not nor have been a Muslim in Britian, I have made my own list based solely on the impression that I have received from the media (everyone knows that you can trust the media).

  1. You get to meet and interact with your fellow non-Muslim country men (although they are usually law enforcement and you are being interrogated)
  2. You are more likely than the average non-Muslim Britain to star in your own reality show (although the footage mainly consists of wiretaps of your local mosque, home phone line, and cellphone).
  3. You are all but assured plenty of personal space when traveling (especially on subways and buses...sometimes even in taxicabs )
  4. You have a greater chance of being the smartest person in your class and graduating head of your class( a way to increase your odds of being the smartest person in your class, is to come to America and enroll in the public school system).

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