Monday, January 29, 2007

Fear of Days Gone By

Villagers dressed up as moors perform during a traditional festival in Crevillente, in the Valencia region, October 8, 2006. Villages all over Spain hold annual festivals to commemorate the “Reconquista”, the reconquest of Spain by Christians from the Moors, which was completed in 1492 after more than 700 years of Muslim rule in much of the country. Spanish villages are toning down traditional fiestas in response to Muslim backlashes against other caricatures of Islam.

The Muslim presence in Spain is well known, although perspectives tint the experience to a degree. Because our country is relatively young compared to other nations, we lack the many of the deep seeded fears rooted in history that other nations have (unless you are a African American). The reemergence of the Muslim population in Spain has many Christian Spaniards worried.

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