Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy days: Gakie Husein at the Minstrel Carnival Association's contest at Green Point Stadium. Photo: Henk Kruger, Cape Argus

In the adapted words of Forest Gump "Racist is as Racist does". What kind of mess is this where Arabs or any other people for that matter are holding and promoting minstrel shows. Not only do they still hold them, they form a Minstrel Carnival Association and hold annual contest. It's bad enough that there are Japanese people in blackface. I am curious if they know the origins of the minstrel show, and that it is nothing more than a public display of stereotypes that where associated with Black Americans. I wonder if other races would endorse such divisive relics if there were counterparts that portrayed stereotypes associated with them. To think that some Muslims participate in such events is disheartening, and a disgrace. They arrest their own since of morality, and poison those of future generations.

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