Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yet Another Reason Not to Fly!

It seems as though the stories of flying while Muslim are becoming increasing disturbing. A sister was detained and not only strip searched, but given a fully body cavity search because of a "suspected" tie to a "suspicious" person. There apparently was no ties to "suspicious people" so the government apologized for the inconvenience and cleared the deputies that initiated the situation from any wrong doing.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Day in Court

Shukri Abu Baker, co-founder and chief executive of the Holy Land charity, is among those charged

Muslim charity "Holy Land" is not seating by idle while their charity was indicted as a funding source for terrorist. They are suing the federal government to clear their name and reputation. I think that this is a good thing on several levels.

First, they show that Muslims will not allow their names and efforts to sullied by anonymous accusations via the patriot act. Muslims are stepping beyond their fear of the government to demand the liberties that we are all entitled to.

Secondly, national and international charities have taken a financial beating because people fear donating to an organization that they feel may have some association to organization or people that the government deems as unacceptable. Personally, I feel that there are more than enough charity opportunities for Muslims in there own neighborhoods, cities, and states. Focusing on these prospects will broaden the reach of Islam in this country by providing the true image of Islam to our neighbors.

A Cure in the Works

Islamaphobia ( the fear of Islam), was a problem in the U.S. before Sept.11th, but it has only increased since then. We have an excellent opportunity to provide the cure for Islamaphobia. We need to step into our communities and interact in all earnestness with non-Muslims so that they can have a valid example of what Muslims are actually like. Not a conversion mission. A Muslim living in submission to Allah, is dawah & an invitation to Islam in itself.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hajj - step01 - Manners of Performing - 8th Zilhajjah
Hajj Reminder& Advices
Muslims circle the holy Kaaba inside and outside the Grand Mosque of the holy city of Mecca December 24, 2006. About 1 million pilgrims are already in Mecca for the haj, which starts on Friday, and at least 2.5 million are expected. Picture taken from Abraaj al-Baeet Towers in Mecca. Picture taken December 24, 2006. (Ali Jarekji/Reuters)
Reuters Photo: Muslims circle the holy Kaaba inside and outside the Grand Mosque of the holy city.

I am not a Hajji, but inshallah my family and I will be one day. I understand why many older Muslims risk their health to complete this pillar. Inshallah, the videos will help those that have have plans to complete hajj.

Monday, December 25, 2006

How To Change Our Condition

Sleepers Waking Up People

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I started watching season one of this series last week, because I am interested in seeing how Muslims are portrayed in all types of media. I was also interested in seeing how this topic would be handled. Upon completing the first season, I must say that I was slightly impressed. Anyone who knows me, knows that is saying a lot . There are many portions that I was unsure if they were necessary (zhina), or if they reflected reality. Overall, what I liked about the mini-series is that they compared and contrasted Islam against views that are espoused by the purveyors of un-Islamic acts that are credited to the deen. The compare and contrast was done in a subtle manner. I think that this is a tribute to good writing. An observant viewer can see how and why those that were led astray became astray. Anger, revenge, a need to fit in, a feeling of inadequacy masked in Quranic verses and Islamic overtones. The living contradictions of the principle players makes the distinction between those led astray, obvious.After watching this, I found it hard to believe that the lead character is not a Muslim in reality (I'm must resign myself to Allah, the maker of Muslims).

P.S. ..

I can't vouch for season two...They should have stopped after season one.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quran Bigot Alert!

Although, Virginia has one of the largest and most diverse populations of Muslims in this country, it also has some of the most virulent fear mongers in this country. Rep. Virgil Goode distributed a letter to Virginia residents that said that because newly elected congressman Keith Ellison's use of the Quran for taking the oath of office is a realization of terrorist and will lead to more Muslims in national offices. This man has is either a blatant bigot or he is as crazy as a soup sandwich (most likely a combination of the two). If rep. Ellison's election is the realization of terrorist, then that means that his predominantly non-Muslim district that elected him are terrorists. As far as more Muslims being elected to national office, I'm for it. The elected officials are suppose to represent the people. Not just old, rich, Christian, White men. Islam is the second largest religion in this nation, and the fastest growing.

Lost in Translation

Translation - Paper, Scissors, Rock

The Ummah in Virginia have found an inventive and proavtive way to combat the Islamaphobia that is running rampant in this country. They are placing arabic scripts on the sides of buses to acclimate non-Muslims to arabic and redefine the negative connotations that have been placed on it and Islam, by certain segments of the media (government) that benefit from the fear it creates.

Keith Ellison using the Quran debate

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nike is serious about getting a foothold in the Muslim market. Here is an article about how they are designing volleyball outfits for sisters in Kenya.

Breaking News! Nike Makes Sports Hijabs

Ruqaya Al Ghasara

Well they don't necessarily make sports hijabs, but they do supply atheltic wear for sisters that want to compete internationally and remain halal. Here is her story.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Are Guaranteed Paradise If...
Beautiful Recitation with English Translation

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tell it like it is Jimmy

Jimmy Carter has been one of the best and underrated presidents of this nation. I say this because, in my opinion, he has made the hard decisions that would benefit more people and not just the rich elite. This was part of the reason that he was not re-elected, and the controversy that he has stirred up with his new book. In his book about Palestine, he declares that the Palestinians are in an apartheid system with Israel. If apartheid wasn't right in South Africa, it's not right in Palestine. He has openly declared that the view that many Americans have of the Palestinian situation is biased because of the perspective of the news that we receive. He wanted to offer the counter-balance. I think that it is long overdue, and if we had listened to president Carter in the 70's we would have alternate fuel sources today and not have such strong dependency on foreign fuel.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Funny Brother

Thursday, December 14, 2006

U.S./Muslim Relations circa 1796

Here is an excerpt from an interesting historical fact about the U.S. and Muslims/Muslim nations.
"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

A lawyer converts to Islam. Government says that they have forensic evidence linking him to terrorist acts. He is imprisoned for 19 days. The government made a mistake. They release him and say sorry. Then they tell him that he is an associate of terrorist if he is not one himself. His reputation, and legal practice has been severely damaged....but they did say sorry...sort of.

This may sound like some unfunny joke, but it's both sad and true.

There is a firestorm brewing about this sister Iktimal Hage-Ali winning an award and then raising a glass of champagne to toast. She has been targeted by responders on many Muslim websites as being unislamic for drinking champagne, wearing makeup, and not wearing hijab. I think that the whole affair illustrates a valuable lesson. I would first like to say that I know and personally feel that consuming intoxicants is haram. With that said, I also realize that each individual is different and that we have different levels of iman. Instead of publicly berating her for committing haram acts and not properly representing Islam to non-Muslims, we should take her aside and explain the value and wisdom of observing the haram and halal. What is a trial for one person may not be a problem for another, so we should make allowances for the shortcomings of others and say a dua that we all will be rightly guided. It is easy to become self-righteous to someone that we don't know and amplify their faults when we have not corrected our own. I know that we are to enjoin the good and forbid the bad, but that does not mean that we need to do it in a public forum. In many cases, this will only make the person more resolved in their error, because they feel that they are being attacked. This could lead to someone who is borderline already, leaving the deen.
Now, as for Ms. Ali, she should understand that as Muslims in non-Muslim countries we are the living breathing example of Islam to those whos' only other exposure to it are the associations that the Media/Government want them to have. Independent of this, she should realize that the only award the matters is the pleasure of Allah and entering Paradise. I understand that personal goals have their place in the dunya, but they should never eclipse our ultimate goal (Paradise).

All that I have said, I tell myself first and inshallah I will be able to live it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Are You Grateful?... Prove It!!
Allah is the Provider!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No only do NYC police gun down unarmed people, they hire former CIA racist who circulates emails that encouraged people to burn the Qu'ran as a public service. Fortunately, a Muslim police officer was more Muslim than police officer and blew the whistle.

Conflicting Messages

Monday, December 11, 2006

I thought that I was paranoid, but there is always someone more paranoid. This article about prayer rooms for Muslims in airports being a threat to national security is borderline insane. First of all, every prayer room would be bugged with more electronics than circuit city (paranoia kicking in), and I think that many airports already have them...just not in the terminal area. I think that the authors of the article/site are probably a stones away from zealotry (extremism has been over used) themselves.

I am not a big fan of all of the ideas that come out of Iran, but this one may have some legs. They are suggesting that Muslim nations help other Muslim nations resolve their problems/conflicts or that they resolve them themselves. Simple yet novel.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Who Hijacked MY Religion?

An interesting commentary on Islams perception.

This man is calling for Muslim nations to erase their borders as European nations have done. This could be huge. I think part of the trouble within the ummah is a result of tribalism and nationalism. Which is ironic, since the borders of many Muslim nations were set by European countries to promote divisiveness in the region.

I didn't even know that there was such a thing as Quranic ring tones, but apparently a group of islamic scholars have deemed them unislamic.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

AT GEORGETOWN --- Imam Yahya Hendi, the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University in Washington, poses in front of a campus statue of Bishop John Carroll. CNS/BOB ROLLER

I would never have thought that a significant number of Muslim students would attend Catholic Universities, but apparently they do. The Catholic Universities are a step ahead of the other Universities in that some of them(the major ones anyway) are hiring full time imams for their students. This good, but very confusing.....very, very, confusing.


Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison has caused a stir after choosing to take his oath of office with his hand on a Quran.

There is a big stink about the first Muslim elected national public official wanting to be sworn in to office with the Quran instead of the Bible. I all honesty, I don't think that you are suppose to swear on either one of them (please correct me if I am wrong). I feel that the uproar is more about the institutionalizing of Christianity as the national religion. If a national public elected official is sworn in with a Quran or any text other than the Bible, then it makes it harder for the same people who want English only spoken in the U.S. today, to say that there should only be Christianity in America tomorrow. For them, it sets a troubling precedence.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI in Istanbul's Mufti Mustafa Cagrici
Pope Benedict XVI, second from left, is guided by Istanbul's Mufti Mustafa Cagrici, fourth from left, inside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul on Nov. 30, 2006. (AP Photo/Salih Zeki Fazlioglu)

It's funny that the "Pope gets praise for praying towards Mecca". That's all good, but it doesn't matter if he prays towards Mecca with a Mufti, if he isn't praying to Allah as a Muslim. I guess that it made for a good photo op to pacify the field Muslims who got a little bent out of shape by his comments a few months back. Yeah, this is what we were looking for. Nothing like a little patronizing to make everything honky doory.

This article borders the hilarious and absurd because of its' author and its' theme. The idea of radical Islam being the decay of Europe is like accusing a fly hovering around a rotting apple of being the cause of fruits state. First of all, I think that the author is misguided (with issues of her own to work out). Secondly, radical Islam has not be defined. If there is an attempt to call suicide bombers and the performers of terrorist acts portraits of radical Islam, it should be noted that to the best of my knowledge, all of those acts are outside the bounds of Islam and therefore are no form of Islam (regardless of what the purveyors may say).

[Getty Images] Thysdrus believes that women in North Africa ought to separate tradition from the religion.

I enjoy the diverse views expressed by Muslims throughout the world. Here is an interesting article about Tunisian bloggers. Very enlightening.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This article claims that Muslims are near the end of social/economic ladder. As a whole this may be true, but we don't believe that the purpose of this life is about social mobility. Not that there is anything wrong with social mobility, we are a mix of our individual efforts and what Allah ultimately wills for us.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Amazaing Qur'an Recitation from Young Boy

The news today was not worth reporting. Instead, I decided to post some lessons for self-edification. Inashallah, we all shall benefit.
How Did Prophet Muhammad Himself Respond to Insults?
Give the Salams!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Changing the Tide

A good lecture about the state of Islam in the U.S.
Funny Things You See During Jummah (Pilot)

Thursday, November 30, 2006
I like to showcase or at least mention, what I consider to be groundbreaking measures taken within the Ummah across the U.S. The community in San Jose, California area have established a domestic violence shelter for battered spouses. It's not like it doesn't exist, people simple don't talk about it publicly. Every community that is able should have at least one of these for both Muslims and non-Muslims.


Bachar Houli
On a wing and a prayer: Bachar Houli, the first Muslim AFL football player says he has a remarkably different lifestyle to his team mates. Picture: Matthew Bouwmeester

I am truly becoming optimistic about the prospect of non-Muslims gaining a better understanding of Islam. From the Australian footballer who took shahadah, to the papers in larger cities being able to discern between Muslims who practice their faith and those who appear not to. I have came across several articles that referenced a degree of understanding about Islam and Muslims that was not present previously (sorry not links).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Be Good People!

A little bit of guidance.
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There is an effort to develop a Muslim (and Inshallah, halal) version of the International Monetary Fund or IMF. With all of the wealth in Muslim nations, this is a must.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I have devoted a fair amount of time and space to the restoration of the rights of sisters in this deen, that's why I like to announce the formation of an international Islamic advisory council for women. We need to restore the balance.


Omar Shahin purchased a ticket from Northwest Airlines on Tuesday after being removed from a U.S. Airways flight the previous evening
Janet Hostetter / AP
Omar Shahin purchased a ticket from Northwest Airlines on Tuesday after being removed from a U.S. Airways flight the previous evening

I guess it took a probe by Newsweek for many Americans to recognize that there racial, ethnic, and religious profiling sontinues to exist today. They could've asked me, I would have told them......but would they believe me without a Rodney King type scenario (with video of course).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Muslim Women Retake Your Place

There is a great deal of dialouge taking place both locally, nationally, and globally about the role that female Muslims are playing within our communities. I personally believe that the dialouge is good and should foster a change within our communities. The change that I speak of are the ones that remove the barriers that are cultural in origin and imposed as if they were shariah.
I had the opportunity to see an interview by the new head of ISNA, and was profoundly impressed. I wasn't impressed becasue she is a convert, I wasn't impressed because she is a woman; I was impressed because she appeared firm in her convictions, but not to the point of beligerently imposing it on others. She taught others about the deen in her answer to questions without sounding like a college professor or a prostylizer. I think that women should play a prominent role on the boards and committees within our local ummahs. We should want no less than to provide our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, and nieces with all of the social mobility and influence held by standards for Muslim women, the wives of the Prophet. This means that we should expect them to be business leaders as well as leaders within our community.
I guess that the campaign by the U.S. and the FBI in particular to "win the hearts and minds" of Muslims are running into snags boh here and abroad(read article). First of all, I have never been a fan of the phrase "win hearts and minds". As a Muslim, only Allah should win our hearts and minds. The phrase makes me feel as though one entity wants to control another entity. I can not recall where a hearts and minds campaign has succeeded. If you want people to see you in a different light, then make a change and truly become the image that you project. Anything short of that will only breed mistrust and suspicion. Approach people as individual equals, and not as a inferrior that needs one leader to speak for everyone. Until you have this, I don't see a meaningful understanding arising.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


In a rare instance, a Muslim was acquitted of perjury because he could not remember the name of a person allegedly associated with 911 (read article). Nowadays, he could have been convicted on his name alone (Osama Awadallah). I was surprised that his acquittal did not gain more media coverage (joke).


You can tell that hajj is in the air when China lets nearly 10,000 Chinese Muslims go on hajj (read article), and Russia lets approximately 18,000 Muslims go on hajj (read article ). Neither one of these countries are particularly fond of Islam or their resident Muslims, but TAKBEER!!!


I think that there is a real and legitimate fear of Muslims (read article). I think that this a large reason why Muslims are harassed in stores and airports. Obviously, 911 had a lot to do with the airport situation, but in airports it used a pretext to create an environment where Muslims can be openly discriminated against. Because they look and act suspiciously (read article). From what I understand, Muslim birth rates are higher in many European countries, which means over time the nations would become Muslim via birth rates. Yes, there is a fear.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Looking for a spouse online

An interesting perspective on finding a spouse online.

Some college students and others think that the war has hurt Islams image (read article here). I think that the image of Islam endures and is above all of the petty machinations of governments and individuals that seek to define it in a way that is different than how Allah (SWT) defined it through the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Other factions seek to "modernize" the deen the way that other religions have done (read article here). If Allah (SWT) perfected Islam over 1400 years ago, who can improve on it?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Our Way

It appears that there was a rise in the number of halal turkies sold and purchased for Thanksgiving. This is a positive because it means that businesses are beginning to accommidate Muslims. This is most certainly due to their desire for the Muslim dollar, but it can be an opening for non-Muslims to understand Islam better. Although, non-halal chain stores are offering halal products, we must continue to support the halal stores in our community. They are our dietary backbone. If they disappear, then we are at a disadvantage.

The Truth Behind Turkey Day

Many people celebrate many holidays in the west because they are presented with the romanticised (usually commercial story) that accompanies them. I am not saying that it is wrong or right to celebrate Thanksgiving (we should have a time set aside to give thanks, oh wait we do. We call it Salaat). Here is a link to a more historically accurate story to the origins of Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Muslim clerics claim discrimination
Times of India, India - 9 hours ago
MINNEAPOLIS: Six Muslim clerics removed from a US Airways flight said on Tuesday they were victims of discrimination and called for a boycott of the airline. ...
US Airways to investigate arrests for 'flying while Muslim'
'Flying while Muslim' Pioneer Press
Investigations Launched After Muslims Pulled Off Plane Newsweek

all 631 news articles »


BBC News
Muslim does bird for eating swan
Daily Telegraph, Australia - 4 hours ago
A HUNGRY Muslim who tried to eat a swan while fasting during the Islamic festival of Ramadan was today given a two-month jail sentence. ...
Man jailed for killing British queen's swan Daily News & Analysis
Fasting man killed swan to eat Times Online
Hungry man who killed swan jailed BBC News
This is London - The Mercury (subscription)
all 12 news articles »

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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The whole flying while Muslim thing has gotten entirely out of control. 6 Muslims were arrested because they made other passengers nervous because they made salaat in the airport( don't take my word for it, read it for yourself). The irony is that they were returning from a conference on religious tolerance. Obviously, everyone on that flight didn't attend the same conference.

Caught on Tape

A UCLA student was tasered last week in the library (Muslim of course). You can read the article here and the video is below ( the protest video follows).

Time for Salaat

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Muslims have used the sundial, water clock, and astrolobe to determine the time for salaat. The proliferation of computer software and Internet access has made these some of the leading options in determining salaat times.
The Wisdom of Patience

There is truly wisdom in this lecture.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Muslims

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Muslims in Tampa seem to have had it tough after 911, but this article is good to see. The county is actually praising them ( it only cost $5,000). We all should be doing this anyway.

What a View

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A new timeshare in Mecca has arguabely the best view innthe world. It is a good thing that I can not afford it, because the article raises some valid points that leave me conflicted.

Call Christmas Christmas

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There has been an increased amount of complaining from Christians about the lack of religious association between Christianity and the Christmas holiday season. They say that it has even got to the point where businesses are reluctant to even call it Christmas, but instead opt for "The holiday season". This is a bid to make the holiday season seem multicultural. Normally, I would not be overly concerned, but one of the reasons given for this shift in terminology is an attempt to appeal to non-Christians like Muslims. Personally, I think that the season should be called what it is Christmas, not winter break, not holiday season, and the season for giving. If it is called what it is, then there is less of a likelihood of Muslims celebrating a Christian holiday called by another name. Ultimately, I think that the desire of stores to sell more stuff to more people is behind the name change, but Muslims (in my opinion) should not be bothered by Christians celebrating Christmas. They are Christians, thats' what they do.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank Allah It's Jumma

This is a short film that is funny because it is silly and true at the same time.

Five minutes as a U.S. Congressman and he already must defend his faith. He seems to be doing a good job, explain and educate.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sisters Day

Ingrid Mattson, the new ISNA president

This good to see. I think that I have heard her speak at an ISNA Conference before, and I was impressed by her thought provoking perspective. ISNA seems to be headed in the right direction.

(Tom Reel/Express-News)

Art wares at Artful Baraka, a display at the Multicultural Muslim Family Expo 06 at Crossroads mall, are viewed by (from left) Nazneen Husain, Ahmed Zaidi, Yasmine Chughtaie and Fauzia Abbasi.

What can I say? I really like Islamic Conventions and Expos. I don't know if it is the sight of so many Muslims in one place or the enlightening lectures and seminars. The bazzars are cool too. Conventions are definately the place to see the diversity within Islam.

Adina Lecovich leads WHM session on Muslim Women
I guess that this completes a day that seems to focus on the sisters. I like seeing sisters that are outgoing and within the bounds of Islam at the same time. The sisters who spoke are part of a greater effort to provide a clear understanding of the many aspects of Islam. TAKBEER!!!