Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Day in Court

Shukri Abu Baker, co-founder and chief executive of the Holy Land charity, is among those charged

Muslim charity "Holy Land" is not seating by idle while their charity was indicted as a funding source for terrorist. They are suing the federal government to clear their name and reputation. I think that this is a good thing on several levels.

First, they show that Muslims will not allow their names and efforts to sullied by anonymous accusations via the patriot act. Muslims are stepping beyond their fear of the government to demand the liberties that we are all entitled to.

Secondly, national and international charities have taken a financial beating because people fear donating to an organization that they feel may have some association to organization or people that the government deems as unacceptable. Personally, I feel that there are more than enough charity opportunities for Muslims in there own neighborhoods, cities, and states. Focusing on these prospects will broaden the reach of Islam in this country by providing the true image of Islam to our neighbors.

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