Monday, December 25, 2006

Sleepers Waking Up People

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I started watching season one of this series last week, because I am interested in seeing how Muslims are portrayed in all types of media. I was also interested in seeing how this topic would be handled. Upon completing the first season, I must say that I was slightly impressed. Anyone who knows me, knows that is saying a lot . There are many portions that I was unsure if they were necessary (zhina), or if they reflected reality. Overall, what I liked about the mini-series is that they compared and contrasted Islam against views that are espoused by the purveyors of un-Islamic acts that are credited to the deen. The compare and contrast was done in a subtle manner. I think that this is a tribute to good writing. An observant viewer can see how and why those that were led astray became astray. Anger, revenge, a need to fit in, a feeling of inadequacy masked in Quranic verses and Islamic overtones. The living contradictions of the principle players makes the distinction between those led astray, obvious.After watching this, I found it hard to believe that the lead character is not a Muslim in reality (I'm must resign myself to Allah, the maker of Muslims).

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I can't vouch for season two...They should have stopped after season one.

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