Monday, November 20, 2006

Call Christmas Christmas

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There has been an increased amount of complaining from Christians about the lack of religious association between Christianity and the Christmas holiday season. They say that it has even got to the point where businesses are reluctant to even call it Christmas, but instead opt for "The holiday season". This is a bid to make the holiday season seem multicultural. Normally, I would not be overly concerned, but one of the reasons given for this shift in terminology is an attempt to appeal to non-Christians like Muslims. Personally, I think that the season should be called what it is Christmas, not winter break, not holiday season, and the season for giving. If it is called what it is, then there is less of a likelihood of Muslims celebrating a Christian holiday called by another name. Ultimately, I think that the desire of stores to sell more stuff to more people is behind the name change, but Muslims (in my opinion) should not be bothered by Christians celebrating Christmas. They are Christians, thats' what they do.

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