Sunday, November 05, 2006

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It appears that giving to national and international Muslim charitable organizations are down. I am not surprised. This is a byproduct of the overzealous desire by federal organizations to link every Muslim charity to a terrorist organization. I don't think that the singling out of Muslim charities is right, but in all fairness some of those organizations were probably fronts for people who did not follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). There is however a silver lining if we choose to see it. I have frequently wondered why every Eid money was shipped half-way around the world. I am not saying that there was not a need, but there is a need in our local communities also. If we as Muslim communities did more local charity within and outside of the local Muslim Ummah, a lot of misunderstandings can be abated. Why are there hungry Muslims in our own cities outside the month of Ramadan. What are we doing for the homeless, the battered wives, or the disadvantaged. Both inside and outside of the Ummah. I believe that this one way that we can follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH). Now I will off of my soapbox and let you get started helping your community.....the entire community.

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