Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This article garnered an unprecedented flaming question mark. Apparently, there is not only a movement to try and convert Muslims overseas, there is a very active effort in the U.S. to infiltrate Muslim circles for prostelyzing. Personally, I don't don't believe that a person with iman and taqwa in their hearts can ever be swayed, but I just find the attempt insulting. On a positive note, I think that the article was well written and offered a diverse perspective on the topic.

I am not opposed to nor endorse sisters wearing niqabs, but I do believe that it is well within the boundaries of Islam for them to make the choice for themselves. Thats' why it troubles me when governments try to micro-manage religions...especially ones that are not their own. I guess that this should be addresses towards countries like Tunisa and Turkey before addressing the Netherlands plan to ban niqabs and the like in public.

It seems that U.S. intelligence think that Muslim rappers are creating extremist. The group that this article is referring to is not only defunct, they weren't that good. I think that true affecienado of rap and especially Muslim rap can discern between the celebration of the deen and propaganda. The man just has a thing out for Muslims, and rappers. If the Muslim rapper happens to be black, then thats' the trifecta. They will be probable caused before they can press the record button.

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