Sunday, November 05, 2006

In the Army Now

Canadians are making an effort to recruit Muslims into the military. I give them an "A" for effort, but from the perspective of a Muslim recruit I would advise them to be aware of their decision. There are more than a few facts of reality about being a Muslim in the military in the west. First and foremost it is hard to practice your faith (regardless of what recruiters tell you, their concern is to get bodies in the military). The food is not halal, superiors of other faiths will make it difficult for you to practice Islam by using your obligation to the military as a pretext. You will not be allowed to make salaat on time, observing Ramadan will be discouraged in non-overt ways, and the military culture is too established for the system to be changed from within. Unfortunately, because western armies are in conflict with Muslims you may find yourself in the position of killing another Muslim. I am not writing this piece to necessarily discourage Muslims from joining the military, but I want you to have realistic expectation of military life for a practicing Muslim. Allah knows best and in the end HE is our only judge.

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