Monday, February 26, 2007

The Muslims Are Trying to Kill Us!!!

I am glad that some people are beginning to notice the idiocy in labeling every crime that has the remotest connection to Islam as an act of terrorism. Articles are abound, that try to link the DC snipers and the synagouge shootings in Seattle a few years ago as unlabel "Muslim" terrorist acts. The flaw in this and other claims is that although the suspected culprits have Arabic sounding names, they were not Muslims. One was a member of the nation of Islam and the other was a Christian.
So take this as your official warning, if you are going to commit a crime (and you shouldn't because they are haram) change your name John/Jane Smith so that they don't tack a terrorism charge to your other crimes. Who new j-walking was a terrorist act.....wait was that light green when I entered the crosswalk?

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