Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The 72nd Excuse

As Muslims we are told to offer 72 excuses for a person, but I think that both Bill Maher and especially Ayaan Ali are very firmly at he 72nd excuse. I am not qualified to declare someone a munafiq, but I would think that Ms. Ali who was born a Muslim seems to want to promote distortions about Allah (SWT) and HIS Prophet (PBUH). She speaks well, but her words and viewpoints are damaging because she reinforces the position of the misinformed. Congressman Issa, was only slightly better. He came off as a true politician. He appeared to be trying to hedge his bets on all sides. He didn't want to appear to be over supporting or over alienating his Muslim constituents. Bill Maher, who I once had an once of respect for speaking his mind, seems to leaped into lunacy with the looseness with which he refers to God. The good thing is that as long as we have breathe in our lungs, the doors of tobah are open. Check out the clip for yourself.

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