Thursday, February 15, 2007

List Of The Most Influential Muslims

Yusuf Islam

A British website has compiled a list of the Most Influential Muslims in Britain. Needless to say it is an interesting concept, but I'm not sure that I would want to be on this list (assuming of course that I had some influence and that I was British). From a vanity/ego standpoint, making this list seems very cool, but the odds are that the compilers/publishers of this list are non-Muslims so they won't really know who the most influential people are. They will likely list Muslims who have become captain's of industry or are popular personalities (not saying that these people don't have influence), but the most influential people within Islam, regardless of nationality would begin with Muhammad and all other Prophets of Allah(PBUT), the rightly guided Caliphs, the other Sahaba's, the Tabieen, and subsequent scholars. I'm not trying to sound super-righteous, but the influencer of a Muslim should be a person that can lead a person to the edification of their Deen/Iman/Taqwa. I have yet to meet a person that can do that based solely on their chosen profession.

On a lighter note, the other potential draw back to being on the list is that it could serve as hit list (that's just the paranoia talking....or is it?).

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