Monday, October 23, 2006

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One of the seldom spoken of, but often worried about daily issues within the Muslim community, (for those that actually practise Islam outside of Ramadan and Eid celebrations) is the subject of dating or meeting a mate. I had an African brother a few years ago ask me how do meet someone in this country if you are a Muslim? This has become one of the greyish of grey areas in many communities. This article takes a stab at assisted marriage to address the silent horror in many Muslim American families. Some Muslims have even taking to a version of speed dating to find a solution.Parents worry about their children marrying outside of the deen which is understandable, and children are tempted because they were raised in a society that does not hold itself to the same level that Islam has set. FYI, this is not only a US or Western problem, many countries that are predominately Muslim also struggle with dating (although they don't advertise it).

Protect your neck! It should come as no surprise that violence, discrimination, and the harassment of Muslims in the U.S. are on the rise. Remeber to bob and weave, and for goodness sake don't get them mixed up...the outcome is usually ugly.

There has been a significant amount of attention given to the call for the formation of a legitimate Caliphate (I can see the Presidents, Amirs, Shieks, and Kings on the horn dispatching some guys in suits to talk to anyone who is serious about it), but it may be a good idea for the same reason that it terrifies so many others. A just ruler is exactly what the world needs. Unfortunately, it is also one of the rarest things in existence during anytime periond. I would not want a Caliphate established by some of the have baked corrupt leaders of existing Muslim countries.....apparently some non-Muslims agree that Muslims need a Caliphate also, but for different reasons.

I think that I am going to start a category called the stupidest idea of the week. Here is the first nominee. I have never heard of a scenario where having separate streets for different people solved a problem.....isn't this how the Bloods and Crips started? Have we learned nothing?

Keith Ellison has a chance to make history as the first Muslim to be elected to congress. I think that he is a good example of Muslim Americans. He is African American (contrary to popular belief, most Muslims in America are African American and not Arabs (I have a lot of love for all my brothers and sisters regardless of background), He is a convert (although I don't like that term), He left the nation of Islam to accept Islam as so many before him have done. Inshallah, he will end up like Barak Obama ( I know that he is not Muslim, but he seems somewhat fair and concerned about people) and not like Malcolm (laid out in the disrespect intended).

Can't we all just get along? No really!

Rosh Hashana ( or the High Holy Days for Jews) occurred during Ramadan this year. It means that they were fasting and reflecting the same as we were (for 24 hours anyway). This all good, but what I want to know is how come we can't any love. There are more Muslims in the US than there are Jews yet virtually every other religions or cultures holiday gets positive national recognition. I mean even the Chinese New Year and Kwanza (fake holiday) gets love. The only attention that we get from the press during Ramadan is about how many people we killed in bombings. This puts a negative association with Ramadan, Islam, and violence in the minds of non-Muslims the same way that Cops and other TV shows put a negative impression of African Americans in the minds people who have never met people from these backgrounds (and that is a large portion of the country..Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota..etc).

Leslie Travaglione, right, an American Muslim convert, performs her noon prayers alongside Lia Hartanti at the Islamic Center of Tucson near the University of Arizona. Followers of Islam celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, which will start with the sighting of the moon today.

Two stories that I enjoy relaying are about people who accept the deen and the expansion of the deen, so end with both.

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