Thursday, October 26, 2006


Omar Jarwan, a Muslim student who plays soccer for Polytech High, prays during his lunch break. He fasts between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan. Dover High School soccer players Omar Melikechi, 15 (left), and Mohammed Zerrad, 17, both Muslims, don't fast on game days, but they plan to make up for the missed days by fasting after Ramadan.
It is refreshing to see young Muslims not afraid to openly practice their faith, especially at school. This is often the time when young Muslims face peer pressure to be like everyone else. With that said, I know that the brother praying in front of the school got more than a double take from some of his classmates, and may even have been the reason why some parents called their kids in sick the next day. I'm just saying...

Tasneem Tawfeek, 9, of Randolph takes part in a Roxbury event for the homeless yesterday. (Staff photo by John Wilcox)

Now this is what every community should be doing all year long.

I thought that this article was funny. First of all, in my humble opinion Ramadan is more important the Olympics or any sporting event. They are worried about Muslims being at a disadvantage and passing out in the final stretch of the 400 meter race (just a joke). I'm worried about passing out on the way to my car. I don't think that the temperature falls below 100 degrees here during that period. Maybe I will move the Alsaka for that summer. On second thought, Alsaka has over 20 hours of day light during the summer. I'll take the heat. Alhamdullah for AC!

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