Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I have noticed a higher than usual amount of attention given to the starting and ending of fasting. It has been my understanding that the start and end of the fast is dictated by the sighting of the moon locally. I guess the rub comes from a growing movement to codify the Islamic calendar. This is a truly a discussion for scholars or at least learned people on levels higher than myself. If I am incorrect about my view, feel free to share your view (also feel free to provide resources).

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It was bad enough to fly while actually being Muslim, not it is hazardous to fly while looking Muslim.

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I have heard rumors for years that Prince Charles is a Muslim ( I don't think that he is), but the establishing of Muslim Prayer room in Windsor Castle leads me to think that the royal has a deeper understanding of Islam than display publicly. For those worrying about reciprocity, I don't expect to see the Saudi Royal family opening a Chapel in one of their palaces any time soon.

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I am happy to see Muslims in the West developing the necessary social infrastructure that will allow us to leave a lasting footprint in the West. Not only do we have Muslims running for national offices, we have financial institutions developing Shariah compliant options for Muslims. Everything from banking services, to insurance, to investment options.

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