Monday, October 30, 2006


There is no excuse

Alia Ansari

May Allah have mercy on her and allow her into paradise

A Muslim mother was walking with her child in the middle of the day outside of San Franciso, and she was shot dead. Police believe that it was a hate crime. It's hard to imagine the degree of hate that a person must have to shoot a person that they don't know (much less a woman) on a busy street as they walked with their small child. You can see the news coverage of this tragedy here.

How strange is this? A textbook on Islam, written is Spanish, Published by a Catholic publishing house.

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Yet another reason not to fly, but we have to make hajj. The proverbal rock and a hard place.

Classroom assistant Aishah Azmi

The media is just wrong for this one. They know that she was done dirty with the whole deal over her veil, so now they are trying to link her to terrorist because she prayed at the same mosque as one of them. Following the ration of this article everyone who attended the same school as Einstein should be a genius, everyone who eats in the same food court as bank robbers should be looked upon with suspicion, and everyone who went to boot camp with the soldiers who are charged with raping a young girl & killing her family in Iraq should not be allowed to have weapons because they are of the same ilk. Obviously, all of those statements are obsurd. To indict someone or try and infer that someone is of bad character (smear job) because they attended the same public places as other people is simply ascenine. The media really is the fourth branch of the government. If the other branches can't get you, then they send the media to assasinate you character.

A mosque is opened at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point ( you know that this place is bugged).

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