Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thought Police...American Style

A Muslim Chaplin was the victim of a crime, actually several crimes while employed as the Chaplin for a correctional institution. Given the location of the crimes, this would not sound unusual, but it really is. The crime that gained notice was the defacing of the Chaplin's photo with white -out and racial slurs. What was not seen as a crime was the fact that his computer was confiscated because he had files on it that were titled "jihad" and "terrorism". The files were scholarly works, but astonishes me is the overreaction to have files named this on his computer. I mean really. How many people that would be involved in such activities (and I don't condone those activities) would have files on their work computer with these titles. This is just one more example of how commonsense has given way to paranoia and pretexted discrimination.

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