Thursday, April 05, 2007

Islamic Center of Tucson Vandalized.....Again!

The Islamic Center of Tucson was vandalized this past week (Sunday to exact). This is the second time in as many months. This is disheartening on several levels. I use to wonder why the masjid was not left unlocked 24 hours a day? This way people could come in and make salaat any time of the day or night, any time of the year. Unfortunately, I have come to see that this is not something that is practical or realistic in this society. The ignorance and fears of others leads them to transgress in cowardice and reprehencable manners.
On the other hand, it also raises some rather obvious queries for anyone who has attended the ICT. There are cameras in the two major entrances to the building. Are these cameras just decoys or are they not functioning? I was under the impression that these cameras where in response to similar acts of vandalism and tresspassing in the past? What actions were taken after the first of the most recent break-ins?
I hope that one result of the recent break-ins/vandalism is not that the ICT becomes more restrictive more restrictive with building access to worshipers. A few possible solutions would be to invest in a quality security system for the facility, hire a private security firm for evening hours, place working cameras throughout the building, or a combination of these suggestions and ones that I may have overlooked. The ICT should probably consider itself fortunate that the latest break-ins/vandalism was not worse than it was. Now would be a good time to do what we can to limit or prevent future incidents. Knowing the good people on the board of the ICT, I'm sure that they are already on it.

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