Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yusuf Islam explains musical comeback
18/05/2006 - 08:39:38

Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, insists the increasingly volatile political climate has inspired his comeback.The star converted to Islam in 1977 and quit the music industry two years later, but now says he can't sit back and watch life from the sidelines and has recorded a new album chronicling how he feels about the world.He says: "There were 100 reasons for leaving the music industry back in 1979, not least because I had found what I was looking for spiritually. "Today there are perhaps 101 good reasons why I feel right making music and singing about life in this fragile world again."Much has changed but today I am in a unique position as a looking-glass through which Muslims can see the West and the West can see Islam."It is important for me to be able to help bridge the cultural gaps others are sometimes frightened to cross."The as-yet-untitled album, due for release this autumn, was produced by Rick Nowels, who has also worked with Madonna and Dido.Islam made headlines in 2004 when he was denied entry into the US and his flight was diverted after his name turned up on a US government "watch list".

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