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Muslims should boycott goods of their enemies
Published on: Tuesday, 23rd May, 2006

It is a duty of every Muslim to stop using the products of those people who are using their money to oppress innocent people. Almost all the people around the world utilise those products which are made by the enemies of Islam i.e the US and Israel.
There are many products and a huge number of companies we use in our day-to-day life. The real thing is that those people who utilise the enemies’ products are themselves responsible for the ongoing oppression and terrorism. If we stop using their products then it will be a great loss for them, because half of the money the enemies’ are earning are because of us, because we are their customers.
Hani RazaDubai

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by S S on May 23rd, 2006 at 9:28 am
Ask your governtments to give back all the military arsenal and also stop giving oil to US, then educate your fellow Muslims. It is suprising how so many point to hypocracy of the US over Israel but keep their mouths shut about their own governments. You want to stop daily products and I am reading news about Dubai investing in the US! Firstly, speak up against your own people then talk about the US.

by richard allenby on May 23rd, 2006 at 9:29 am
Hi HaniIf you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living?Incidentally, is the computer you write your letters on made in a Muslim country?Richard

by Brendan Coote on May 23rd, 2006 at 10:32 am
Hello Hani,
Question - Why is this a Muslim issue and why are you bringing religion into politics. I disagree with the American foreign policy, I disagree with the Israeli occupation. But I am not Muslim. Why are you isolating me and consequently your religion.
Were do you stop? How about requisite life saving drugs from American pharmaceuticals? How about American expertise to reduce suffering. How about support from American Muslims - do you turn that away?
If America is an enemy to the Muslims how come all your leaders have good relationships. What about American Muslims living in America - are they your enemies?
This “war” diatribe of Muslim v’s America or Western is getting annoying. Why - because its sensationalist nonsense with very little factual basis. Its inciteful mumbo jumbo to use terms like “the enemy of Islam”. Im a Christian, Im a Westerner. Im not your enemy and I respect and rever your religion. YOu make religion a smoke screen for some very other important factors. The biggest one being oil. Your real enemy is yourself and your ignorance
Stop inciting and start reading.

by Malz R on May 23rd, 2006 at 10:37 am
Mr. Hani,Why do you try to incite violence and hatred through your letters when the exact reverse could be achieved through an open forum such as this? I have come across a few of your letters on this website. You live in a diverse market where a multitude of cultures, religions and nationalities live and work. Remember, if these people didn’t work in harmony and support each other’s trade, even this economy might not be as strong! Even people from my race, religion, nation have been discriminated against on a number of occasions - I’m glad to see I haven’t taken the course of action you are suggesting - perhaps its because as a citizen of the world I realize the need to move on peacefully? The leaders of this nation and the world are trying to achieve unity, religious tolerance and peace. Mr. Hani - its people like you that make sure we will never have peace and tolerance!

by Paul Harvey on May 23rd, 2006 at 10:43 am
A fair and reasonable argument but there is a flaw. Have you heard of a little company called Microsoft? If the Muslim world was to stop using US products what would happen to industry and the economy? I cannot think of any large business which does not use computers for it’s day to day running and most of these machines will be using Windows OS! Please take a minute to think about how many US products are in your home or office, Hewlett Packard printer, AT&T phone, Packard Bell computer using…yep Windows XP. Also, how many Arab people do you see on the road every day driving US cars? The Ford Mustang GT and Chevvy Corvette being current prime examples. How many young locals can be seen wearing the latest Nike baseball cap? The products of the west are here and here to stay! Think more of the economic power of the Muslim world, the stronger the nation is globally the more influence it will have over the wests foreign policy.

by Devils Workshop on May 23rd, 2006 at 2:53 pm
Good Lord! Another call for a BAN !!Friend, next time think of “global warming” as an appropriate topic to discuss. You can give your valuable comments, if any to help solve the problem (tough one, huh?).The fight against terrorism by both the countries i.e. US & Israel has got nothing to do with Islam. Banning products is not the solution to the problem. Instead why don’t you as an alternative, call for all your Muslim brothers and sisters to stay united in Islam and help to get rid of those fanatics who in the name of the religion create problems & contribute towards terrorism?Keep your eyes open and you will find who the real enemy to Islam is! Don’t blame the other countries for what they are doing, perhaps they are doing what is right from their perspective. So goes the saying…. Believe in half of what you see & nothing what you hear. So please educate yourself and don’t preach hatred to your fellow men!REMEMBER that charity always begins at home! So think positive, do good, wish for good and always love your enemies as you love yourself. No worries! I am practising what I preach … though I have not completely achieved in my task, I don’t blame my enemies, for I have learned how to tolerate them. I hope you will someday………..

by Hani Raza on May 23rd, 2006 at 4:14 pm
a reply 2 Paul Harvey…about MICROSOFT, it’s unfortunate for me that i dont have a choice, but 2 use MICROSOFT, and even if im using MICROSOFT, tht’s 4 a ’cause’ . and about other companies of the U.S and Israel, like McDonalds, KFC, Mark&Spencer, Ford, cadillac, Pizza Hut ,Pepsi, Coca-cola and others, I DONT USE THESE PRODUCTS….and u say that the ARAB PEOPLE use these products, then i also ACCUSE the Arab people of supporting their own enemy blindly, this the problem with the ARAB PEOPLE…they are so much crazy in ‘money and luxurious lifes’ that they dont know what they are doing, atleast they can support the Palestinians and other poor countries by donating them, rather than sitting and having a nice KFC meal…

by Hani Raza on May 23rd, 2006 at 4:23 pm
to BRENDAN COOTE, if u do not know about ISLAM , then y do u say about it that ‘ why are you bringing religion into politics’….
If politics had nothing to do with Islam, then why did Allah ordered Prophet Moses to invite the oppressor Pharoah to believe that there is only one God, Allah. Why did Prophet Moses wanted to awaken the people of his time against the Phaorah. Read history.
When Imam Khomeini(founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran) was asked that ‘y r u into this politics, it’s a bad thing, dont enter in this world of politics’, then Imam Khomeini replied ‘Politics is not a bad thing, if it’s bad then it is the enemies of Islam who have made this politics a bad politics, Islam is religion of Politics’….not just praying 5 times a day is Islam……well…its a very long topic…..
and u asked tht ‘r American Muslims ur enemies too?’they r not my enemies, my enemies r the U.S politicians, who r trying 2 destroy Islam and those people who support these politicians are my enemies. Oh yes, how can i forget 2 mention Israel, Israel is also my enemy for ur info.

by Yancy Mant on May 23rd, 2006 at 5:54 pm
Its so strange why a lot of citizens from the islamic countries apply for US Visas then settle down and enjoy in the atmosphere of freedom. When the US stopped sending aid to Palestine, Hamas complained. What are the rich Arab nations doing?

by Jaq Hirsh on May 23rd, 2006 at 7:24 pm
I really do not understand Hani. The English language is a non-Muslim language, and one used by the “enemy”. Why then is he using this as his medium of communication?
If Hani decides not to support the “enemy’s” product, then that is his God-given right.
If he wants to stop supporting KFC, Coke, Pepsi, then he should also realise he is hurting the Arab (Muslim) owners of the Arab-world franchises.
The world is a shambles, and we really do not need people like Hani to incite more hatred. Too much hatred has been created in the name of religion. Now I understand why?

by Hani Raza on May 24th, 2006 at 12:55 am
To Yancy Mant, many Arab nations are donating money to Palestine, recently Qatar paid a huge amount of money, even the U.A.E govt has paid and also Saudi Arabia. But the main problem is the ‘people’ . I do not understand why the people are not donating, why are the people depending on their governments? Islam does not teach just to remain sad for the poor people but Islam also teaches to help the oppressed, help the poor. But the Arab Muslim people are simply enjoying themselves in big big restaurants, trying 2 show off that they have a lot money..oh common man we know u have lot of money, but having money does not mean to spend luxuriously..being rich means to help the poor and oppressed first, fill their stomach first and then yours.Also im not talking about only Muslims, I’m jus trying 2 say that if a human being feels the pain of the poor and the oppressed, then it is his/her responsibility 2 help them.

by Gary Day on May 24th, 2006 at 2:48 am
Unfortunately, you have no idea, no clue and no understanding of the modern world. The US is NOT your enemy, YOU are your own worst enemy, as for boycotting US or foreign goods don’t even start, you obviously don’t really know what you are talking about.
Cars, planes, PC Chips, food stuffs, clothes, power plant parts (GE), (the list goes on) none of which you could do without, or at least i would like to see you try.
The only enemy of Islam is people who believe that voilence and incitement will solve their problems, sure the west may not understand Islamic religion, sure you might not appreciate western cultures and freedoms - but don’t always mix lack of one for lack of understanding of the other.
So i think rather than blindly hating America tell us WHY you do, don’t state because they support Israel because thats a cop out, many other western governments also support Israel, i don’t hate them and want to destroy them….
There is so much bitterness, rather why not just enjoy the life you have and experience as much as you can ?

by karim kareem on May 24th, 2006 at 8:28 am
There should be a clear distinction between the West and the United States.
Europe has committed crimes against our people in the past during colonial times but now there is some kind of mutual respect. There might be tensions every now and then but generally relations are friendly and more or else respectful even among the common folk.
The US, represented by its government, is the new foreign threat to our people in the Middle East and also elsewhere in the world (South America).
This new western power is as violent and as forceful as any other western colonial powers that existed in the past. It is unapologetic about its power, and its will to make nations submit to its demands, by force, if necessary. How is this different than the liberal free democratic France of 1900s that occupied Algeria, colonized it and killed almost 1 million of its people in an attempt to deny them independence.
Some posters tried to label the original post as “hatred” when they forget that the US government has been killing people in Iraq and destroying things in Iraq in the last 3 years with impunity.
Did you know that the US government forbids its citizens by law to spend more than 1 dollar in Cuba? Even Arab states do not enforce such draconian measures against Israel.
Did you know that the US government has been enforcing a total embargo against Cuba since 1962? Total embargo. This policy has been voted in congress and most Americans really do not care.
Other western nations do not impose any sanctions on Cuba.
SO, there is a huge difference between the West (including Canada) and the US. Always make that distinction. Do not generalize about the West. While some European governments helped Bush in the war, ALWAYS remember that they all went against the wish of their citizens. 2 European nations reversed that: Spain and now Italy. That is not the case in America: Bush enjoyed huge majority support for the war in both congress and among citizens. Majority wanted to see some bombs and some dead Arabs.
America has many good people who are opposed to the use of force and to the on-going killings, bombings and misery but not enough to make their violent government stop killing foreign people. Remember and memorize the fact that over 2 million people were killed in Vietnam. 2 million human beings: More victims than all victims of Arab governments combined since the 70s.
It is only in America where the army is almost a sacred institution and where to be in the army is cool. It is cool to be trained to kill other human beings.
The issue of boycott is a complicated one.
The easy one is oil. Oil should be cut off until the US government stops killing people in our lands.
Not only it is immoral to not condemn it, it is much more immoral to finance the murders committed by the US government with our own oil.
Wake up people. It is better to live with little money and peace of mind than to live wealthy watching people die on your TV screen every single day.
Some child, some woman, some poor eldery is dying in Iraq as we speak, for no reason, just like that, just because some reckless official in the US government decided that’s how things going to be.
Where is your conscience, wake her up.

by Shah Ahmed on May 24th, 2006 at 11:23 am
Remember as long as the Muslim leaders shiver and appease the US , NO AMOUNT OF HUE AND CRY BY MUSLIM CITIZENS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
There were so many protests worldwide..did it stop the US from killing millions ?

by Chegvera Chegvera on May 24th, 2006 at 12:55 pm
My dear friend Hani, try and practise what you preach. Bring in equality in your daily life first. Treat every human being as equal irrespetive of colour, creed, race, religion, rich or poor alike and then try and preach equality and justice. The east has no right to condem the west for anything as long as they oppress their own people. I dont want to specify, but if you want me to I’d gladly oblige.

by mohammed moaz on May 24th, 2006 at 5:52 pm
i dont know but this sounds pretty hrash to me…we cant kick globalization or free trade process from devloping countries do we…..

by Hani Raza on May 24th, 2006 at 11:59 pm
U r rite Mr.Shah Ahmed….only protesting does not stop the U.S and Israelis from killing millions….there must be another method…..wht do u think…

by Phillie Hall on May 25th, 2006 at 12:46 pm
Hani, sweetie, firstly let me tell you why many ‘people’ don’t donate to the ‘Palestinian Cause’ - it is because the ‘Cause’ is purely a bunch of guys getting stinking rich in the name of Palestinian suffering. If you can illustrate a proven way to donate money that will be distributed to the people who need it, 7 Days readers might sit up and take you for more than the uptight, raging bloke bashing away at his Microsoft than you appear to be. The ‘people’ will donate only based on sympathy, nothing else. People like you who rant and rave about enemies aren’t doing Islam any favours and your MO of representing the people is perhaps one they could do without.
How sad to go through life with so many enemies. Hatred is such a debilitating emotion and you sound crippled by it - you must be a joy to live with! What are you doing in a practical sense that encourages the spread of Islam? What contribution are you making towards bringing those of us who are deeply against our Governments’ behaviour closer to Islam? I have a stronger allegiance to Islam than any other religion but when fanatics like you come to the fore I turn my head away.
How do you reach a stage where you lose sight of the peaceful, loving and practical tenets of Islam and become focused on hate and tirade? If your battle is so vital to you are you fighting it? Have you been to war to fight for your beliefs or are you simply sitting in your air conditioned home in Dubai spouting your ire into your computer keyboard?
I feel sad for you. I know many Muslims who feel desperately for what has happened to Iraq, to the Palestinians and to Muslims who are persecuted around the world. But these people present their anger coupled with logic and sense. Who are we to take seriously? You on your soapbox of hatred or somebody who speaks with determination, understanding, logic and serenity?
Yelling at a child and taking away his toys doesn’t get the message over Hani.

by Brendan Coote on May 25th, 2006 at 4:45 pm
What an excellent peice of writting. Agree with you whole heartedly - but I doubt it will sink in.

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