Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Somalia: Islamic Courts Accept Ceasefire

Shabelle Times (Mogadishu)
May 15, 2006Posted to the web May 15, 2006
The union of Islamic courts said they accepted on their side the ceasefire offered by the elders, religious men, businessmen and politicians of Mudulod clans of Hawiye ethnic in Mogadishu.
The chairperson of the Islamic courts' union Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed who was speaking with radio Shabelle said overnight they were welcoming the ceasefire declared by the intellectuals.
Sharif said they were not initially on assault to any one but they were invaded by the militia of warlords and now ready to stop the fight and comply with the truce.
He stated most of the casualties resulted from the latest clashes of second round violence in the capital had happened to the courts and the civilians.
Earlier the spokesman of the alliance for restoration of peace and counter terrorism (ARPCT) Hussein Gutale Rage who also has been interviewed by Shabelle Media Network paid no attention to announce ceasefire on their part, describing the truce by Islamic courts as 'the bullets they were fighting run out short.'

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