Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Muslim paper popular - but scarce

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Local Muslim leaders gave nods of approval yesterday to a new national newspaper written from their perspective - but many have yet to see the debut issue.
Shabir Mohammad, 40, of the Mohi-Ul-Islam Mosque on Jean Talon St. W., said everyone he has spoken to has nothing but positive things to say about the paper.
"This is Canada. We must respect every religion," he said. "So this newspaper is very good for all communities to read. I hope all communities - Jewish, Christian and Muslim - will read this paper."
Getting one's hands on the paper might be easier said than done, however.
Phone calls to more than 12 Montreal-area mosques revealed most imams had not received a copy of the paper, let alone heard of it.
"No, I have not seen it. I do not know about it. But if the newspaper is about Muslims and has good information, then that is very nice and I am happy," said Said Jaziri, imam of Al Qods Mosque on Belanger St. E.
Syed Muktar Hassan, the man in charge of distributing the publication in Montreal, acknowledged only three mosques have received copies.
"We only had 500 copies of the paper, so I delivered 50 copies each to mosques in Laval and the West Island, 150 copies to two Marche Adonis shops, and another 150 to a synagogue on the West Island," he said.
The bi-monthly Muslim Free Press was launched Saturday in Toronto and hit the streets in other Canadian cities on Tuesday. It showcases writers from all walks of life and religions.
Circulation is expected to double in Montreal after Hassan receives 1,000 more copies today.

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