Tuesday, January 06, 2009

President Bush Sucker Punches Saudi Arabia

I had to laugh when I read this. Not because I agree or disagree with it, but because of the context. President Bush gave a speech at an U.N. inter-faith event sponsored by his close buddies from Saudi Arabia, and promptly began condemning Saudi Arabia's outlawing of apostasy or people changing their religion. He said that it is a human right. I wonder if they saw this coming. I guess that there want be any other slow walks hand in hand into the sunset anytime soon.

Looking a little too jealous?

He is actually listening to him.

Got breath mints?
Now what part of the game is this?
This is getting a little too Ozish for me!

I have to agree that it is a human right. If it were not then I would be more difficult to convert to Islam. What I have found in practice is that people generally only like it when you convert to their religion (the Qu'ran refers to this), but it is to Allah that we all answer for ourselves!

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