Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Rules To The Game

Not to perpetuate the innate paranoia that many Muslims already have, but here is part of the new policy that the FBI is reportedly applying to investigate Muslims that they consider suspect.

"The revised guidelines going into effect Monday will allow agents to use undercover sources to gather information, interview people without identifying themselves and spy on suspects without evidence of wrongdoing. "

Not that I have anything to hide, but this makes you want to go the masjid and stick to the three S' (Salaams, Salaat, and See you later). No conversations. You don't know what type of deal someone may be trying to work themselves through with the feds, and they could fabricate some thing on you for their benefit. If sounds paranoid, refer to the afore mentioned innate paranoia and to the fact that many "fellow Muslims" appear to have been doing this in Afghanistan and Iraq. So in the words of the Wu-Tang Clan, protect your neck!

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