Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Muslims in Jewish Schools....Cool!!!

The Jewish school where half the pupils are Muslim

In many communities around the country Muslim parents are placing their children not in Islamic schools, but in Jewish schools. The reason for this are many. Among them, are the level of secular education. Jewish schools excel in one area that Muslim schools don't, the three R's. There are some Islamic schools that provide high quality secular and religious educations, but most do not. They focus on Islamic studies (which is good), but math, science, and english are lacking. Jewish schools are seen as an alternative to sending their children to public schools, where the food is not halal/kosher, and where holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are celebrated. If anything, this should serve as a notice to Islamic schools to step their game up, and provide a quality, and balanced education. We are suppose to learn from the cradle to the grave...I assume that means all areas.

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