Thursday, March 15, 2007

Muslims Against Terrorism......Again

There are a fresh round of clamours of why Muslim Americans don't speak out against terrorism? The answer is two-part, but simple. The first part is that we do denounce it, but the non-Muslim population seems to only hear what it wants to hear. I mean seriously, how many times must Muslims denounce terrorism ? The second answer is that Muslims don't agree with terrorism, but they also don't agree with circumstances that were the breeder of terrorist actions. These circumstances are rarely recognized as being a root source for terrorist actions. Denouncing wrong in the result and not the cause is hypocritical at best. Also, Muslims don't want their denouncing (constant denouncing) of terrorism to be politicized and used part of or as an endorsement of equally oppressing actions.
The bottom line is that Muslims have come to the realization, as African Americans have years before them, that no matter how much you apologize or try to fit in, you will always be looked at as suspect.

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