Monday, May 21, 2007

Second Time Around

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Just when you think that you have heard it all, along comes something else. A trend among some Muslim women in France is to have a hymenoplasty surgery performed. Don't worry, I had to look it up also. It is a cosmetic surgery where a woman's hymen is reattached and thus give the appearance of being a virgin. Many women claim that cultural and traditional pressures to be a virgin when they are married are leading them to this operation. It's ironic how the pressures are strong enough to lead them to an operation, but not strong enough to entice them to preserve their modesty and virginity. To each their own, but for the record an operation can not make you a virgin again, it only makes you a liar. Once you have experienced something, there is no way (short of amnesia) to unexperience the act.

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