Friday, March 10, 2006

Community Development

I am only recently getting over the flu. That is why I have been remiss with posting new information. Nevertheless, Alhamdullah I'm back. As you will come to find out over time, I like to progress and to help others do the same. One thing that I feel is missing from the ummah here in North America is the unity of Muslims outside of the masjid. Our deen is a way of life that extends beyond salaat and the masjid.
I think that we need to insulate ourselves from the flucuation of public perceptions of Islam and Muslims. I believe that a good way to provide this insulation is to establish and support Muslim businesses. I realize that there are many Muslim owned businesses across this country, but we need more. It doesn't matter if you start the next Microsoft or Google, or if you transition a hobby that you are good at into a homebased business. Even if you are currently employed, you should still consider starting a business. The goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible.
We should focus on three things (business wise) . The first is to insure that it is a halal means of earn an income. The next is to employee other Muslims, particularly recent immigrants and high school/college students (This will give valuable experience to the next generation of Muslims in our community). We need to look to other Muslim businesses to do business with first (this will keep money within our ummah longer). We need to diversify the types of businesses that we open. Doing so will allow us as a community to adequately support our individual local communities. There are other professions than computer programmers, engineers, doctors, falafel shop owners, and car dealers. All of those professions are needed, but we also need more lawyers, nurses, teachers (not professors), cleaning services, dry cleaners, and etc. All the services and products that we consume from non-Muslims, we should work to provide for ourselves. With that said, Muslim businesses should not take the support of local Muslims for granted by charging above average prices.

I will step off of my soapbox now and provide you with some information to started.

For existing businesses, please send in your ummah can procure from your business. We have to be aware that your business exists before we can take advantage of your products or services.


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